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8Years focused on molecular biology service brand
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Xiamen branch focus on molecular biology applications,8Years has formed a research proposal、The project design、The experimental operation、Study guide、Data analysis in a body's comprehensive scientific service platform,Can provide you with one-stop professional scientific research service solutions。
As genomics、Grain to source etc famous scientific research service outsourcing business services companies,Involved in the start-up、Shanghai race、Of biological diagnostic reagents and other well-known company of the development of the third class in vitro diagnostic kits。

Xiamen base secco's clinical inspection institutions have their own independent third party,Set up molecular genetics professional inspection,With advanced second-generation sequencing、Molecular biology mass spectrometry and other advanced equipment,Strong technical experts and service quality management system of safe and reliable products。
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      Base in xiamen branch of biological science and technology co., LTD. Xiamen university national university science park as the research and development testing base,Relying on high-tech talent advantage and innovation,Many advanced modern enterprise management mode,Made a great development in recent years。We have a professional laboratory、The advanced experimental equipment and experienced scientific and technical personnel。The technical team including the researcher(Postdoctoral fellow)2People,Assistant researcher(Dr)2People,A researcher at the core(A master's degree)10People,Mainly for high-throughput sequencing andPCRTechnology for testing platform,Committed to genomics、The transcriptome of learning、Gene detection technology in the application of scientific research and extension。Through the segmentation、The omni-directional service platform,Provides the customers with perfect technical solutions and services。Up to now,We have been to Beijing university、Fudan university、Southeast university、Xiamen university、Shanghai ruijin hospital、Nanjing jinling hospital、Shenzhen huada gene and so on a number of well-known domestic...

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